March 2020 | Lets do this mother.

Written on: 02/03/2020
by: Shradha Dinesh

With orientation week fast approaching and all the new internationals set to come to our cosy town, ESN deggendorf and it's members are excited, a little nervous, but overall, excited!....

April 2020 | Amidst adversity, my houseplants grow.

Written on: 01/04/2020
by: Shradha Dinesh

This year has been a downward spiral to say the least. Hasn't it?
There has been devastation ......

"Taken at the Donau, Deggendorf, 9th May 2020"

May 2020 | Chasing sunsets.

Written on: 11/05/2020
by: Shradha Dinesh

I recently learnt that the human eye can perceive only a small part of sunlight that falls in the visible wavelength. Creatures that can perceive ultraviolet....

June 2020 | Welcome to the Madhouse.

Written on: 17/06/2020
by: Shradha Dinesh

There are so many inspiring things happening all around the world! We don’t fear the virus .....

July 2020 | Fork me a little.

Written on: 13/07/2020
by: Shradha Dinesh

July was a month filled with exam stress, meeting deadlines and submitting final projects. But that didn’t stop ESN Deggendorf from creating and executing amazing events for all of you, and it didn’t stop you.....

October 2020 | Clutter & Chaos.

Written on: 20/10/2020
by: Shradha Dinesh

It’s been a while since I took the time to fill the compartments in my mind. I used to do it all the time. Have these boxes where I would put my thoughts. Write them down on sticky notes or a notebook or a post. .....