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Your ESNcard is a handy piece of plastic, not only containing vital information about its owner, but also proofing that she or he has a membership at the Erasmus Student Network. It is valid for 12 months and grants the owner various discounts from our partners, who can be found at And they work everywhere. So even if you are on a trip in Vienna, Barcelona, Prague or Istanbul you can use the special offers from the local ESN section. We are always working on new partnerships and offer specials at our own events aswell.

    You can get an ESNcard if you belong to one of the following groups:

    • Erasmus+ student
    • Erasmus+ trainee
    • Erasmus+ International incoming student
    • International incoming student or trainee on a mobility programme, outside of Erasmus+
    • International undergraduate or postgraduate full degree student
    • EVS volunteer
    • Volunteer:
    • ESNer: either active on Local, National or International level
    • Alumni
    • Buddy

    Then you can buy it at your local ESN section, for example in ESN Deggendorf. We offer them for 10€. You can find our office hours here. If you want to order a ESNcard we need your name, date of birth, country of origin and a colour photo with the dimensions 2,7 x 3,7 cm.
    You also have the possibliy to buy them online, to save time and collect them during our office hours or in one of our events by just bringing a picture.

    If you have your ESNcard already you should register it as soon as possible at

    And if you still have questions have a look at