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Board Members

Arielly Pinatto


Arielly Pinatto - President

My name is Arielly, but you can call me Ari. I’m Brazilian and I’m trying to study Economics at the THD.

Ajay Raghunath

Vice President

Ajay Raghunath - Vice President

I am Ajay! I am studying Masters in Applied Computer Sciences( Angewandte Informatik). I am 25 years old and I come from India.

Once broke my foot trying to pet an angry dog; I still pet dogs though.

Sarra Hamed

Communications Manager

Sarra Hamed - Communications Manager

Hi! I'm Sarra from Tunisia and I am planning to study Industrial Engineering at Deggendorf. I'm quite new to the german life so I thought what a better way to delve into the culture than joining ESN!

Although I don't like the label, you can pretty much call me an amateurish Artist :))

Ahmad Drak Alsibaei


Ahmad Drak Alsibaei - Treasurer


Matina Groslichtova

Event Manager

Matina Groslichtova - Event Manager


Sergio Castro


Sergio Castro - Webmaster

My name is Sergio. I’m a 21 year old Mexican. Currently I’m studying Interaktive Systeme (IoT) at THD. I’ve been an ESN member for a little more than a 2 years now.

Fun fact: I’ve done around 18 different sports at competitive level throughout my whole life (everything from football, to gymnastics, to martial arts to, obstacle races, to extreme sports like parkour) and would love to
become a stunt double.

Lisa Hüttinger

Local Representative

Lisa Hüttinger - Local Representative



Active Members

Amine Goudrar


Amine Goudrar - Member

My name is Amine, I'm 24 years old, an I'm from Morocco. Been a member in ESN since my first day in Deggendorf for 3 years now.

Fun fact about me: I've travelled to 28 countries in the last 3 years.

Natasha Ilic


Natasha Ilic - Member


Andres Islas


Andres Islas - Member


Celine Münz


Celine Münz - Member

My name is Celine, I am 22 years old, german and I study Tourism Management at THD. Also, I'm a new member in ESN Deggendorf since this semester.

Fun fact about me: Over the past four years I have spent more time in South America than in Germany.

Ahmed Farhat


Ahmed Farhat - Member

Hey everyone!
My name is Ahmed Farhat and I´m 26 years old, studying Civil engineering at the THD and i´ve been in germany for almost 6 years.

Fun fact: I´m a pretty boring and lazy guy.

Pedro Levy


Pedro Levy - Member


Seidine Hurlston


Seidine Hurlston - Member

Hey my name is Dina. I'm half dutch and american and 22 years old. I've been living in Bavaria for 11 years now and I study Tourismmanagement.

Fun fact about me: My bavarian is better than my mother tongues dutch and english. My first name Seidine is german but nobody I know has ever heard of it.

Ester Vogli


Ester Vogli - Member


Ahmad Shatnawi


Ahmad Shatnawi - Member


Lilit Tagayan


Lilit Tagayan - Member

My name is Lilit Tagayan and I'm from Armenia. I'm 24 years old and studying Business Administration at the THD.

Fun Fact: because of my surname everyone asks me if I'm not from the series game of thrones.

Jun (Andi) Chen


Jun(Andi) Chen - Member


Ufuk Sahiner


Ufuk Sahiner - Member


Mongi Kahlaoui


Mongi Kahlaoui - Member


Paul Sommeville


Paul Sommeville - Member

Hey my name is paul and I'm 20 years old! I'm a french guy who got lost in deggendorf but in the end I don't want to leave this city :)

Finn Gressmann


Finn Gressmann - Member

My name is Finn. I'm from the north of Bavaria, 22 years old and currently studying Tourism Management in Deggendorf.

Fun Fact about me: before I stated to study, I used to spend more than one year at sea while working and traveling on a cruise ship.

Kornelia Utrata


Kornelia Utrata - Member

Heyy, Kornelia, 20 years old, I come from Poland.

In Germany since (almost) a year, in Deggendorf since winter semester, studying tourism management, in past two years I have been living in four different countries, also I am a language freak, I will be repeating all the random words you tell me in your language ;))

Lusiana Berberi


Lusiana Berberi - Member

My name is Lusiana and I come from Albania. I am studying Angewandte Informatik, bachelor, in THD.

I am a very social person and like being around with people. My moto: Be positive and spread happiness!

Fun fact: If u see someone laughing the whole time with or without a reason then u have found me!

Jyothish Prasannakumar


Jyothish Prasannakumar - Member

Hey, Jyothish here, I am from kerala, south India, i am a friendly person with a open heart.

Funfact: I am a free-thinker who is overwhelmed by the fact that we are all made of stardust : )

Lea Benedikt


Lea Benedikt - Member

I am Lea Benedikt. I am German and 20 years old. I study tourism management at THD. I`ve been in ESN Deggendorf since this november.

Katharina Fontanelle


Katharina Fontanelle - Member

My name is Katharina, I am 25 years old and currently studying Tourism Management at THD. I am a new member of ESN since this semester.

Fun fact about me: I can read a book (with at least 400 pages) in one day.

Rebekka Hillebrand


Rebekka Hillebrand - Member

Heyy Iam Bekki, a girl who was made in 1999 and who is stuyding tourismmanagement at THD.

About me/ my current mood: I can't decide if I need a huge, 6 shots of Tequila or 3 months of travel.

Btw: I´m proud to be the technology mastermind of ESN as well as of Germany lol

Azarakhsh Abazari


Azarakhsh Abazari - Member


Michelle Blöchl


Michelle Blöchl - Member


Elisabeth Bosch


Elisabeth Bosch - Member