Dear Exchange Students,

ESN Deggendorf gives you a very big warm socially distant hug!

We are very excited to have you this semester and we cannot wait to get to know each one of you!

For those of you who don't know what ESN is or haven't even heard of ESN before...

ESN is the biggest student organisation in Europe !

ESN Deggendorf is part of this non-profit organization that spread across 42 countries, with over 540 sections across Europe and beyond. We help exchange students experience Europe in the best way possible by:

  • Planning excursions (Austrian Alps, Bavarian Forest...)
  • Planning trips many cities (Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow… )
  • Throwing the most insane parties
  • Showing blockbuster movies in the university, or in open air
  • Organising many activities for you throughout the semester

and most importantly becoming your friends and help you feel at home during your semester in Deggendorf.

We have a couple of important things to inform you about.

Firstly, we recommend you to join our Whatsapp groups. You will get all the information you might need during this semester right on your phone, we send regularly reminders about important things, as well as all the events happening in the city and on campus (No SPAM)

Next, there is our Facebook page and group where you can get up to date with everything happening in Deggendorf, see photos from our previous events, like, share and tag your friends.

Furthermore, it is important for you to check our websites regularly for photo updates, ESN member contact information, our Office hours, upcoming events, our partners, how to join ESN, Blog posts and payment options for the trips.

Now that you are very well equipped to know what's trending in Deggendorf and with ESN Deggendorf, we have one last thing to discuss.

ESN Deggendorf offers ESNcards which are the membership cards of the Erasmus Student Network exclusive to exchange students !

With the ESNcard, you can enjoy plenty of discounts (flights, bus tickets, hostels, shops, restaurants, bars, etc..) all over Europe.

It also gives you access to thousands of events with ESN Deggendorf and other ESN sections across Europe for the period of your stay.

Very convenient if you plan to travel here.

Some of the discounts include:

  • $ 15% off + free 20Kg luggage on Ryanair tickets
  • $ 35% off on all Logitech and Ultimate Ears’ store
  • $ 15% off on Flixbus tickets
  • $ Free online bank account from Revolut with a Credit Card to make your online purchases easier
  • $ Special rates on trips organized by ESN Deggendorf and discounts at local sponsor bars and restaurants

Link to the list of sponsors and partners of ESN: ESNcard

To obtain the ESNcard, you need to bring on the Welcome Day (September 28th) a passport size picture of you, 10 Euros and an ID, we will be present there until 14:00

Also don´t forget to register for all the fun events that we have plan for the start of your new semester, a bit of fun among the chaotic times.

Once again, we are super excited to meet you guys and cannot wait to party with you!

Sorry for the long post, here’s a potato

(get used to them, you’ll be seeing them everywhere !)

Much love,

ESN Deggendorf