You might know what AKI does. Helping exchange students to get along in Deggendorf, team them up with Buddies to help them and organise parties as well as trips. But there is more behind it. After all it is ESN AKI Deggendorf. And that ESN-Part is huge. The Erasmus Student Network, a students organisation aimed to enrich society and the life of students in Europe. It's present on 448 Universities in 38 countries (April 2016) and represents the interests of international students on an European level. For example ESN is a Member of the European Youth Forum. 

ESN is working on an International as well as on a National and Local level. 


Local Level

AKI is the local level of the ESN in Deggendorf. It is one of the 37 sections in Germany. Each of them is there to take care of the exchange students, support the interaction between them and locals and to inform local students about the possibilities of studying abroad. 

The Local Board  is responsible for the coordination of the work of the section and to appoint Local Representatives who go to the NP and vote in the name of their section.


National Level

On this level the national Platforms (NP) happen, where representitives of all German sections meet three or four times a year. There they discuss recent topics, elect the National Board (NB), vote about including new sections and decide on changes to the amendments. Additionally, the participants can join workshops. The smaller version of the NPs are the Local Platforms, where sections of an area get together, exchange ideas and experiences, take part in workshops and get to know each other. Another event is "ESNters the City", when more than a hundred exchange students and ESN-Members meet in the biggest cities in Germany for a weekend and party.

Over all stands the National Board of ESN Deutschland e.V. It is elected at on of the NP each year and functions as link between the sections and ESN International.


International Level

On the international level the Council of National Representatives (CNR) takes place. There all National Representatives come together to check on the International Board (IB) and represent the choices of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). At the AGM of ESN the delegates of the different nations elect the International Board (IB) and vote about new statutes, the budget and other stuff.


The International Board of ESN works from the ESN-House in Brussels. There they represent the ESN outwards and coordinate the work within the network.