April 2020 | Admidst adversity, my housplants grow.

This year has been a downward spiral to say the least. Hasn't it?

There has been devastation and destruction on scales that we never imagined. I personally never thought I would have to live through the plague. Those were just stories and history lessons I've read in books. It seems surreal. But herewe are, amidst the chaos, trying to hold onto hope and remembering the "good ol'days."

And here I am, trying to write my share to help ease things. They say words can heal; maybe this will help take your mind of what's terrible and help you focus on what isn't.

I don’t want to take away and not be sensitive about what's really going on. All of us at ESN Deggendorf send out love, prayers and positivity to the people affected. The idea was to try and put a positive spin on this.

I'm trying not to complain - a lot of people have it much worse. I still have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and my belly, friends and family that constantly check on me and an environment where I feel safe and protected. I learnt gratitude from this. I will take it with me for my life to come; once this storm has passed.

Somedays I wake up alright and other days I wake up upset.

Today, I woke up feeling alright. Today, I have the strength to be positive so I've decided to share my energy with you.

While I drink my morning coffee and spend time with my house plants, my mind cannot help but think of a time after this nightmare has passed. The world has learnt compassion. We are healing and helping each other. THIS IS AMAZING! We have never had the time to stop and worry about other people, fuck, we've not had time to stop and worry about ourselves!

I'm sure there will come a time where we will prioritize the healing of the earth. We are doing it now, we will see the positive changes and I'm sure we will do it again.

Love will extend beyond borders. We will stand up for the entire human race and we will make it to the end.

All the animals must have wondered where all the humans went. Some of them even came to the cities in search of us. They must've had their own version of the pandemic told to their animal societies. Wonder if we were the villains in their stories.. Most likely.

Maybe we will finally pay our teachers more. They deserve a lot more credit than what's given to them. Learning online is hard and teaching online must be harder.

Spending time alone helps us be more aware of who we are. We are flawed but we are beautifully flawed, each of us in our own special way. Maybe we will learn to love ourselves better and in turn love everyone else who deserves it. Maybe, when this is over and we have gone back to our jobs and time doesn't wait for us once again, we will think of the time that we were in our houses, drinking coffee and sitting along side houseplants and remember it as the "good ol'days."

Much love,
Shradha Dinesh