Deggendorf is a small town in low-Bavaria and is also called "the gate to the Bavarian forest". With only around 32.000 inhabitants you might think it is getting boring here - but we can promise you, it won't! Bigger cities like Munich, Regensburg or even Prague are easy to reach. If you're more intersted in nature, you can explore one of the many hiking or biking trails around the city. Try Bavarian food in our favourite restaurants "Weißbräu" or "Schober Otto", take a walk up the hill with the hospital on top and enjoy the view or simply eat a fancy ice cream at "La Crema".

Around 6000 students are part of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and light up the life in Deggendorf. Various student parties and clubs, such as ESN AKI Deggendorf, are just waiting for you to participate. The university is located directly next to the Danube - perfect for spontaneous summer BBQs. All the buildings are rather new and give a possibility to learn and study in a nice and modern atmosphere. The best thing about a small town and university are short ways: whenever you need something, you know exactly where to go and can reach it easily. Even a supermarket is right around the corner! Student dormitories are within 5-20 min of walking distance, which makes public transportation unnecessary. Around 12 % of Deggendorf's students are international, so you can hear any language spoken while walking across the campus.

Following the German saying "klein aber fein", which means "small but nice", Deggendorf is a unique town and you'll fall in love with it once you are here!