Ready to try the famous Bavarian breakfast with us?

You want to drink a beer in the morning without any bad feeling?


Here is your chance, take part in our Bavarian breakfast.

A traditional Bavarian breakfast consists of one or two Weißwürste (Bavarian sausages ) and a Brezel (pretzel) with sweet mustard and a Weißbier (or any other drink).

Yes, we drink beer in Germany for breakfast! And yes, in Germany we eat sausages for breakfast as well!

This is not just a prejudice, but you can choose your drink freely.

Of course, you can still add some things to your own expenses.


And no, we do not drink beer every day for breakfast and we do not eat sausages every day for breakfast! But we want to bring you a bit closer to our culture, so we look forward to your participation!




WHEN? 13.10.2018, 9:00 am

WHERE? Hotel Höttl

HOW MUCH? 9€ with ESNcard/11€ without ESNcard (2 sausages+ mustard+1 pretzel+1 drink)


⚠ !!You have to pay at the registration!! ⚠


First come, first served - sounds this time more than suitable - we have only 50 spots!

13/10/2018 - 09:00
9€ with ESNcard/11€ without ESNcard