We are going to Budapest! A long weekend is coming up in May (no classes) so what better way than to spend it in the beautiful capital of Hungary and enjoy the food and cheap prices?

We will leave Friday morning to Budapest and return Tuesday evening (18-22 May). In Budapest we will stay for four nights at Unity Hostel @UDVAR(ROM) in the historical city center - Breakfast is included and bedsheets provided, BRING A TOWEL THOUGH!

To make this stay memorable, we organized some cool things (included in the price):

-A walking tour through the historical city center of Budapest

-On our way, we will make a stop in Bratislava which is the capital of Slovakia

Currently, we are organizing additional events for you as well (optional of course). We will update you on the program as we get the information.

And the best about it: It will only cost you 80€ with ESN Card, 90€ without.

You want to go, but don’t have the money right now? No problem: You can pay 50% to reserve your spot and pay the rest later!

Interested? Then sign up soon! We have only a limited number of spots. First come first serve.

Sign up:
Tuesday 1-2pm - A111
Wednesday 1-2pm - B214
Thursday 1-2pm - A110
Friday 1-2pm - B214
18/05/2018 - 07:30
80,00€ for ESNcard holders, 90,00€ for non-ESNcard holders