July 2020 | Fork me a little.

July was a month filled with exam stress, meeting deadlines and submitting final projects.

But that didn’t stop ESN Deggendorf from creating and executing amazing events for all of you, and it didn’t stop you from coming to our events either!

Starting with an amazing kayak trip in the Bavarian waters to a Shisha evening to bowling to an International potluck and ending with a Resilience workshop by TK - it was indeed an eventful month!

The international potluck was my favorite; not just because I organized the event and I am a panda bear that can eat 24/7 but because it was so empowering to see everyone bring food from their country and explain the ingredients and process of making it with such vigor!

It really makes me happy to see that regardless of how far we have travelled for a better education and life, we don’t leave our values and traditions and food and culture behind.

We are so proud of our diversity and that’s what makes us the strongest, as a society!

If only people understood this, there would be so much love and happiness and positivity to go around twice! But for now, ESN Deggendorf has enough for Deggendorf!

Love love,
Shradha Dinesh