June 2020 | Welcome to the Madhouse.

My post this month is rather late. I considered not doing it at all because of the lack of inspiration. Lack of PERSONAL inspiration - let me say.

There are so many inspiring things happening all around the world!
We don’t fear the virus like we did before. Thats huge!!!!

We can eat outside again. I was getting really tired of my attempts at burning the house down.

I can fill my lungs with store bought shisha again!
Life is almost back to normal. It’s about fucking time!

We have a racial revolution uprising that has been long awaited! Thats so awesome.
It’s pride month! We can now celebrate our differences and empower each other. We’ve come far and we have only further to go!

We also have some news at ESN Deggendorf!

It’s been a good month for us at ESN. We have these super talented, enthusiastic, well informed, amazing set of newbies!
I love them already! I truly feel like when I leave ESN Deggendorf I’m going to take so much with me but I’m also going to leave so much behind. But it is like that with most things that you learn and grow from, isn’t it? However, I get to leave it all in very capable hands!

I’m happy to have every single one of them on-board. They are clueless at the moment. ESN is a lot to take in! But they already feel like part of the family. It feels like they were meant to be on this journey with us.
And oh what a lovely journey it will be!

To the newbies of ESN Deggendorf: you’re going to make friendships that last a lifetime. You’re going to make memories that last a lifetime. You’re going to be a completely different person after you experience ESN in all its glory.

It’s one of your better choices. Believe me.
The vibe is contagious. The people along the way will be inspiring and funny and amazing.
I wish you amazing humans nothing but mad luck.
May this journey be the stepping stone that you needed.

Shradha Dinesh