March 2020 | Lets do this mother !

With orientation week fast approaching and all the new internationals set to come to our cosy town, ESN deggendorf and it's members are excited, a little nervous, but overall, excited!

Every semester we meet these new and exciting young individuals from parts of the world some of us have never even heard of.
We try to make them feel comfortable and at home the minute they set foot into our univeristy and accept us as their friends and in time, family.
We don't just get to show them Bavaria, it's wonderful sites and culture but we also get to learn so much from each individual we meet from countries like Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea etc.
We learn these new cultures and traditions that we never thought possible when we ourselves packed our bags to set foot into Germany.

We pick up these life hacks and life lessons from so many of the internationals that we meet. We now know that avocado seeds in your Guac keeps it fresher for longer from the Mexicans. The Brazilians taught us that there is no such thing as too much Cachaça. The Koreans taught us that age is rather relative. The Indians showed us what it's like to be truly hospitable. From the Pakistanis we learnt the true meaning of brotherhood.
And in this diversity, we are safe, loved and happy!

For those of you reading who have no idea about what were writing about, you'll soon find out! We, as ESN will make sure of that!

For orientation week, ESN deggendorf has the pleasure of hosting the Welcome Party and Bavarian Evening in cooperation with the wonderful International Tutors. We are also organizing a Pub Crawl to the hippest, most happening bars in Deggendorf, showing them our neighboring city of Regensburg and taking them to the breathtakingly beautiful Neuschwanstein castle.

With prepartions underway, excitement in the air and us gearing up to show the lovely internationals a great time, we want to take a moment to just appreciate how good things have been and how much better they will be once the amazing Erasmus students arrive.
We cannot stress this enough; our international office at THD has been a pillar of support and we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards them in our first ESN Deggendorf blog post.

This semester is going to be ours. This semester is going to be yours.

Much love and positivity,
Shradha Dinesh & the ESN Deggendorf team.