May 2020 | Chasing sunsets.

I recently learnt that the human eye can perceive only a small part of sunlight that falls in the visible wavelength. Creatures that can perceive ultraviolet light see a different or more colorful sunset. I cannot imagine how much more beautiful the sky can get at dusk. I cannot fathom how it can get better than what I’m looking at right now. The sky today is shades of pink and purple and orange. Click.

I also read that a philosopher suggested that sunsets were part of an era where homo erectus was first developing an aesthetic sense. When night was considered the most dangerous time, a sunset was a way to make every person realize it was time to go back to their shelters.

Where I am from, we had standard sunsets all year around. All of them ranged from 6pm to 7pm. Nothing later than that. In my culture, we traditionally light the lamp at our house, and give thanks to the day that has just passed us. It is a time when we come together as a family and practice gratitude.

It’s always been a special time.

As a kid, I never thought sunsets could be more than it was at my household. Having become the hopeless romantic that I am today, I know that sunsets hold a lot more meaning! That’s the thing about sunsets, they give you hope. For better days ahead. With the last light shinning down on us for the day, we get to think of tomorrow as a clean slate, a new day, possibilities at the break of dawn.

With all the extra time on my hands during this period, I’ve been doing a little sunset chasing. Click. click. click.

But when I look back at my gallery on the cloud, I realized, I’ve always been collecting sunsets. I have some from my window, I have some from my vacations, I even have some from exhausting rush hour drives from work. Click. click. -sigh- click.

Regardless of how many times I’ve seen them before, I always use my phone to try and capture them, as best as I can.

The warm colors, the science behind those colors and the enchantment of hope all infused into one moment bursting with color. A moment where you cannot help but stop and appreciate the magnificent sky in front of you. A moment where Mother Nature amazes me, yet again.

Another sunset; another day to be thankful for.

Another sunset; another day to be hopeful for.


This one is for keeps!

Much love,
Shradha Dinesh